Two questions related with FAT filesystem and block device layer.

From: Zhonglin Zhang
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 22:12:33 EST


I have the following questions. Please help me.

Software Environment:
1. kernel - linux-2.4.19 + intel_bsp patched.
2. DiskOnChip -- 64Mbytes.

We have made the DiskOnChip as a u-disk.

When I use "mkdosfs /dev/tffsa1", WIN2000 And WINXP can
read/write the /dev/tffsa1.
When I use "mkdosfs -S 4096 /dev/tffsa1", WIN2000
can read/write the /dev/tffsa1, But Winxp can't.

Why? W can I make the winxp can read/write the /dev/sda1.

When using "mkdosfs /dev/tffsa1", Our VideoRecord isn't fluent.

When using "mkdosfs -S 4096 /dev/tffsa1", Our VideoRecord is fluent.
I wonder how the sector size affect the Video Record.

Our ultimate goal is 'Video Record is fluent and Win2000/Winxp can
read/write the /dev/tffsa1 as a u-disk.

Could you anyone give me some good advice?

Thanks in advance!

Zhonglin Zhang <zhonglinzh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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