Re: [PATCH] swsusp: misc cleanups [4/4]

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Sun Apr 24 2005 - 16:03:59 EST


> > That would not work, anyway. You want the messages from drivers,
> > too... and drivers are not going to prepend "swsusp".
> Yes it would. I do not need driver messages if the reason is "no swap
> partition" or something like that ;-))

Umm, okay. grep -i5 swsusp ... should get most driver messages, too...

> > Ultimately, cleaning up "suspend screen" so that it is not too scary
> > for non-technical users might be nice... It means killing some debug
> > messages from drivers, too.
> I'd just sweep it under the bootsplash carpet. Then we have both:
> possibility to debug and nice progressbar as long as everything works
> fine :-)

I don't like bootsplash... plus I'd like to clean it properly. It
prints too much junk even for me...

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