Re: File system compression, not at the block layer

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 16:17:40 EST

Richard B. Johnson wrote:

Actually not. You need a FIFO to cache your bits into buffers of bytes
anyway. Depending upon the length of the FIFO, you can "rubber-band" a
lot of rotational latency. When you are dealing with a lot of drives,
you are never going to have all the write currents turn on at the same
time anyway because they are (very) soft-sectored, i.e., block
replacement, etc.

Your argument was used to shout down the idea. Actually, I think
it was lost in the NIH syndrome anyway.

In a drive with multiple platters and therefore multiple heads, you could read/write from all heads simultaneously. Or is that how they already do it?

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