Re: Unable to read UDF fs on a DVD

From: Pat LaVarre
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 15:22:34 EST

> I don't see anything strange.

I now agree, that disc passed fsck and mount well enough to make the ls
failure interesting.

What to try next after fsck passes, I do not know, ouch, sorry.

Offline I'm working to comment the fs/udf/ source. Even me finishing
that might not do you much good, unless we can figure out how to
reproduce your trouble at my desk.

Pat LaVarre

P.S. Five postscripts:


> even with ide-scsi, though.

Whoa. You weren't engaging in the taboo act of running ide-scsi in 2.6
back when ls failed, were you? (If you are, then please remove
ide-scsi, substitute ide-cd, and confirm or deny that exercise actually
made no difference.)


The disc didn't actually pass the phgfsck without complaint: The
standard phgfsck egrep is:

$ egrep -i '(info|warning|error):'
PVD 72 Warning: Volume Set Identifier: "040420_0906",
PVD 72 Warning: Volume Set Identifier: "040420_0906",
Error: Number of AVDPs less than 2: 1, AVDP at 256


All the same, I'm guessing these complaints do Not explain the ls
failure, since to my newbie ear these sound like mount issues and we
know you can mount.


I can't now rapidly reproduce the collection of file lengths you report,
because sparse files in UDF, even when the underlying volume is not
sparse, as yet crash my Linux-2.6.5.


> Btw, don't know if it's related but I was unable to run ucf_test without
> scsi emulation: it complained about unknown image chunk size. I can't
> read files even with ide-scsi, though.

Yes phgfsck trouble like that is normal, thanks for asking.


> > P.S. The subscriber-only archives of linux_udf@xxxx currently show
> > Linux-2.6.5 issues now under discussion, including an issue people have
> > reproduced by downloading a huge trial .exe into Windows and then
> > copying a file of more than 2 GiB to the disc.
> I think that this is a different issue, files on my disk are smaller.

I agree your conclusion is reasonable, I do not myself yet know the
udf.ko code well enough to firmly confirm or deny your conclusion.



Any chance this link will still work, a year from now? (I ask because
I'm hoping to see a collection of observed UDF non-compliance come into

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