[PATCH] reiserfs v3 patches for 2.6.6-rc2

From: Chris Mason
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 14:54:03 EST

Hello all,

Thanks to Andrew for helping to test and feed many of the reiserfs
patches into mainline. I've rediffed against the current -mm and linus


The directory includes a series file to tell you the order to apply the
patches. The same series file should work with -mm kernels as well
right now.

New in this patch set is data=journal support, which fills out the
compatibility list with the 2.4.x reiserfs data logging patches. Other
patches include:

xattrs and acls (Jeff Mahoney)
warning/error messages that include device names (Jeff Mahoney)
block allocator improvements
metadata readahead for some types of tree searches

data=journal is experimental, but most of the code changes don't kick in
unless you mount with data=journal.

The rest of the patches should be stable.


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