ITE8212 - SMART with RAID card.

From: Ian Stirling
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 14:42:28 EST

I have an ITE raid card, that I bought to add more than 4 ide devices to
my server, as it was available from a supplier that I was ordering other
stuff from at the time, but vanilla IDE cards were not.

The card has source available from the maker,

Which basically makes the drives act as SCSI ones.

Annoyingly, it does not seem to support DVD/CD drives, as these are not
detected in the cards BIOS, or by the driver. (I had planned to put a couple of
CD drives and a DVD on it.)

And SMART and other IDE specific tools do not work.
This is a pity, as I like to run home-rolled scripts to track SMART status,
monitor temperatures/...

Is there any "dumb" driver that simply presents the drives as hde-hdh?
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