Re: Unable to read UDF fs on a DVD

From: Pat LaVarre
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 12:58:43 EST

> DVD+RW ... UDF ... can mount (kernel 2.6.5) w/o problems:
> ...# mount -t udf -oro /dev/hdc /cdrom
> dmesg:
> udf: registering filesystem
> ...
> UDF-fs INFO UDF (2004/29/09) Mounting volume 'CDROM', timestamp 2004/04/20 10:06 (1078)
> ...

So far so good.

> But ... unable to stat/read/whatever the files:
> ....# ls /cdrom
> /bin/ls: /cdrom/Bakuretsu Tenshi - 01.avi: No such file or directory
> /bin/ls: /cdrom/Bakuretsu Tenshi - 02.avi: No such file or directory
> [etc]
> I can mount the disk and read it using ISO9660 instead of UDF (filenames
> are 8+3, no Joliet it seems), and I can read it under WinXP. It
> shouldn't be damaged.

Q1) Any Linux dmesg as you try to read or umount?

Q2) What text does the DIR /S command of Windows produce?

> created under Windows, using Easy CD Creator
> (don't know the details).

Q3) What does Linux fsck tell you, before you mount -o ro (or after you

Pat LaVarre

P.S. The subscriber-only archives of linux_udf@xxxx currently show
Linux-2.6.5 issues now under discussion, including an issue people have
reproduced by downloading a huge trial .exe into Windows and then
copying a file of more than 2 GiB to the disc.

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From: Pat LaVarre
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Subject: Re: Bug with UDF file system
Date: 20 Apr 2004 10:34:47 -0600

My own most recent blog re the mystery of install & run of the phg fsck
in Linux from virus-free source is:

phg fsck of UDF for Linux

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