Re: xconfig font problems

From: Daniel . Kirsten
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 11:41:33 EST

>> since somewhen in the 2.6.5-rc series, I have some font problems
>> in make xconfig. I just see rectangles instead of letters...
>> However, numbers are displayed correctly. (I use Fedora.)
>> Does anyone know a solution.
>Someone I know who had the same problem removed the .fonts.cache-1 file and
>the .qt directory from their home directory, and it fixed it. I'm guessing
>it was just the font cache file that needed to go though...

I removed .fonts.cache-1 and the .qt directory in /root and in my home
directory. I also removed .gconf, .gconfd and every .fonts.cache-1
file on the entire hard drive, but the problem remains (even after

Best regards, Daniel

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