love letter

From: D.J. Barrow
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 09:54:25 EST

Let me tell you about Anne O' Sullivan the woman that drove me to no fear
& the level of creativity I have now.

She is Tom O Sullivans adopted daughter & at 13 looked at the most headfucked
25 year old in the Church in Glantane & said he needs me.
At 15 the test came a dropped tennis ball she was nearer & more in need of the exercise
& Slut Ruby picked it up instead.

She is getting married very soon
I am going to have karate sex with her anyway.
I will look after her kids with the least self confidence because I know
they have her metal.

Tell her I love her to peices

Phone: 00353-22-47181
Anne O Sullivan,
Co. Cork,

Call by if in the area & tell her I was watching her under a microscope.

Tell the boyfriend I'll buy the house if he likes,
pay for the wedding & engagement ring if he likes,
See if I can hook him up with a stripper, I have been subconciously
matchmaking lately & the only close friend I have who I can't
matchmake for is Benjamin Herrenschmidt
he could keep typing with Anne Marie from Tahiti the
biggest bitch I know slapping him in the face fucking him at the same
time & drinking Jack Daniels & coke.

When that fucker starts going the women had better be watching.

Thanks for all your help,

D.J. Barrow Linux kernel developer
eMail: dj_barrow@xxxxxxxxxxx
Home: +353-22-47196.
Work IBM +49-7031-16-2943
Mobile (IRL) +353-(0)86 1715438
Mobile (DE) +49 (0)160-96659905
Current Apt. +49 (0) 711 6332927

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