linus'es dirty secret

From: D.J. Barrow
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 07:57:14 EST

Linus'es karate secret, his wife & why linux got so big.

Want to know what you hole in the heads are doing in front of the computer.
You are testing your metal, men without self confidence are subconciously the bravest.

I became a coward.

Jackasses/Gentlemen come out only when needed & are utterly illogical & easy to spot,
Hitler never procreated & the only
reason people look at them is to see what the look like.

When ready you know the way to go do karate in the meantime keep slapping the salami.

Do karate & you will never be seduced again you will always make the best of the situation
& do whatever you blithering well please karateka gain control by letting go & clarity of thought.

Strippers are the family advertisers...

Have fun,

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