Re: [PATCH]: Fix NULL-ptr dereference in pm2fb_probe

From: Jim Hague
Date: Fri Apr 23 2004 - 03:15:26 EST

On 23-Apr-2004 Patrick McHardy wrote:
> This patch fixes a NULL-pointer dereference in pm2fb_probe.
> The memset sets info->par to 0, it is dereferenced shortly
> afterwards. framebuffer_alloc already initializes the memory
> to 0, so it can simply be removed.

Thanks for your work. We've overlapped on this one, I'm afraid - a couple of
days ago I sent a patch off to James and the fbdev list that addresses this and
a bug in pm2fb_blank().

Out of interest, can I ask if you're running pm2fb and if so on what hardware?

Jim Hague - jim.hague@xxxxxxx Never trust a computer you can't lift.
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