Re: SOFTWARE_SUSPEND as a module

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 19:57:44 EST


> This is a quick hack to modularise SOFTWARE_SUSPEND. I've successfully
> suspended to/resumed from LVM using this.

Uh, oh.

I can't see actual code changes because you do lots of renames... Is
there way to keep them down?

What is the point of this? Do you want launch resume after you
prepared for it in userland? In such case you need to add
freeze_processes() to resume path.

[And please inline your patches. l-k policy says so and my mail filter
learned that attachment == virus. (At 500 viruses a day, its
unfortunately close to right).
When do you have a heart between your knees?
[Johanka's followup: and *two* hearts?]
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