[BK PATCH] USB fixes for 2.6.6-rc2

From: Greg KH
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 16:51:25 EST


Here are some important USB fixes for 2.6.6-rc2. They are all pretty
small and "obvious" (hopefully.) The most important one is the uhci
fix, as lots of people are hitting that recently.

Please pull from: bk://kernel.bkbits.net/gregkh/linux/usb-2.6

Patches will be posted to linux-usb-devel as a follow-up thread for
those who want to see them.


greg k-h

drivers/usb/class/cdc-acm.c | 91 ++++++++++++++++------------
drivers/usb/core/hcd-pci.c | 5 +
drivers/usb/gadget/ether.c | 49 ++++++++-------
drivers/usb/gadget/rndis.c | 135 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------
drivers/usb/gadget/rndis.h | 7 +-
drivers/usb/host/ehci-hcd.c | 17 ++++-
drivers/usb/host/ehci-hub.c | 16 +++-
drivers/usb/host/uhci-hcd.c | 36 ++++++-----
drivers/usb/misc/tiglusb.c | 52 ++++++++--------
drivers/usb/net/usbnet.c | 6 +
drivers/usb/serial/ftdi_sio.c | 4 -
drivers/usb/storage/dpcm.c | 9 +-
12 files changed, 262 insertions(+), 165 deletions(-)

o USB: fix cdc-acm as it is still (differently) broken

o USB: ftdi patch fixup

Alan Stern:
o USB: Important bugfix for UHCI list management code

David Brownell:
o USB: usbnet and pl2301/2302 reset
o USB: rndis gadget driver updates
o USB: ehci handles pci misbehavior better

Greg Kroah-Hartman:
o USB: fix cdc-acm warnings due to previous patch
o USB: Don't try to suspend devices that do not support it

Romain Lievin:
o USB: tiglusb: wrong timeout value

William Lee Irwin III:
o USB: silence dpcm warning

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