Re: [patch 1/3] efivars driver update and move

From: Bjorn Helgaas
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 11:48:09 EST

On Thursday 22 April 2004 11:32 am, Matt Tolentino wrote:
> I broke up the efivars driver update patch I had sent out
> quite a while ago into several smaller patches. This
> includes several fixes and suggestions that were pointed
> out. The patches are broken down as follows:
> 1 - remove all traces of efivars from arch/ia64/
> 2 - add new sysfs based efivars driver into
> drivers/firmware with accompanying Kconfig/Makefile
> changes to make it fully functional for ia64 again.
> 3 - cleans up x86 references to the /proc version of
> the efivars driver.

I like these changes.

I did notice that the new drivers/.../efivars.c is not identical to
the old arch/ia64/kernel/efivars.c (the hints to emacs were removed).
I like the emacs hint removal, but didn't review patch for any other

Any plans to consolidate other bits from efi.c? There are a number
of things there that look like they could be shared:

(i386 only today, but I think we'd like it for ia64 also)
(the i386 versions look slightly buggy in that they
assume a fixed descriptor size, so old kernels won't
work with new firmware that adds stuff to the descriptor)

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