Re: System hang with ATI's lousy driver

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 09:43:12 EST

Jan De Luyck wrote:
On Tuesday 20 April 2004 21:28, Joel Jaeggli wrote:

kernel drm + xfree86 driver will actually provide accelerated opengl
support in Xwindows albiet without quite as many hardware features as the
proprietary driver on all the rv2xx chipsets including the 9000 but not
on the later models.

kernel drm & radeonfb have been reported to not play very well with each
other in other venues. vesafb is known to work in this situation though.

I have that particular setup running quite satisfactory now for a few months, using a Radeon 9000 Mobile chip. No problems at all.

I discovered why I thought the Mesa driver wasn't working. It turns out that kscreensaver is broken. If I use xscreensaver, or the screen saver starts from Gnome, or I run the OpenGL program stand-alone, everything works fine. But if I use KDE's screen saver program or it starts automatically in KDE, OpenGL screen savers get all flickery, as if double-buffering had been disabled.

Apparently, this is a long out-standing bug in KDE.

The only bit of this that is not off-topic is that ATI's proprietary drivers are broken, because they don't get along with radeonfb.

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