(yet another) probable GPL violation

From: Chris Bainbridge
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 05:44:47 EST

The Inexq ISW054t is a 802.11g broadband router with 4 port switch. It's
getting quite popular due to its low price. I suspect that it runs linux, yet
comes with no mention of the GPL. I've emailed Inexq (the company formerly
known as Unex) but they haven't replied.

You can download the firmware from : ftp://ftp.inexq.com/Drivers/ISW054t.zip

The zip contains a file
ISW054t-S1-200712T3.img which `file` identies as "PPCBoot image"

strings shows:
Uncompressing Linux...
Ok, booting the kernel.

Theres a gzip image at offset 0x2048 which unpacks to 1.8MB :
dd if=ISW054t-S1-200712T3.img bs=8264 skip=1 |zcat >

I've searched for the usual magic numbers but can't find the root fs. Any
pointers would be appreciated.

Some interesting things from the firmware:

It contains the dynamic ip software from http://www.no-ip.com
Networking is done by http://www.octotech.com/products-cyberwall.html. They
offer NAT, firewalling, dhcp etc. as a linux module.
It contains this weird Moe line -
A USB stack from http://www.softconnex.com/
ISL3890 Prism 802.11g chipset driver - firmware starts at 'PACKPACKPACK'
The string "Linksys" appears 5 times (?)
Theres a hidden test html page at http://router/UE/Main
Contains Allegro-Software-RomPager embedded web server

This is the first embedded linux router I've heard of with a Prism 802.11g
chipset. It'll be interesting to see if it can be turned into a 100% open
source with the prism54 drivers. I haven't checked any of the other Inexq
products, but if they use linux for this its likely that they've used it in
other routers.
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