[Announce] Enhanced Linux System Accounting - ELSA project

From: Guillaume Thouvenin
Date: Thu Apr 22 2004 - 04:02:14 EST


We are pleased to announce a new project about accounting on Linux. This project is called ELSA (Enhanced Linux System Accounting) and a description follows. Any comments, ideas or participation are welcome.

ELSA (Enhanced Linux System Accounting) announce

The goal of accounting is to collect and report the use of various system resources by applications. Informations, like process time, CPU usage, connect time or disk space usage, provides data that helps the system to adjust the use of resources between processes.

The current BSD-like process accounting that already exists in Linux collects informations on individual users or groups of users. The ELSA project aims to improve and extend the monitoring of resources with different criteria like groups of processes. Another target for this project is to give Linux an homogeneous set of commands for all kinds of accounting (memory, CPU and I/O).

Here is the state of the art about ELSA (Enhanced Linux System Accounting).

Concerning the documentation:

o All drafts can be access at

Concerning the code:

o The structure "bank" allowing to manage groups of process is
based on Linux kernel 2.6.5
o A test program is provided making it possible to validate our
o Currently, these structures can be handled by a user via the
system call elsa(). A functional patch is provided on the web

Concerning the CVS:

o The module structure is a little tricky because we have
created some useless repositories. Anyway, there are 4 modules
which are:
- modifs_kernel: contains modified files for a Linux
kernel 2.6.5. We don't support versions 2.4.x for the
moment but if it's needed, it's easy to port.
- tests: a program that allows to test the "bank" and a
basic Makefile to build the test.
- drafts: contains the documents relating to ELSA.
- scripts: Scripts can manage an environment of work. It
just copies files between environments. It's more for a
personal use.

There are also two unused modules which are:
- elsa
- Documentation

Here is the state of the art.
Feel free to give your opinion. Any comments, ideas or participation
are welcome.

The ELSA team

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