Re: wrong irq rouing on centrino laptop

From: Len Brown
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 22:13:32 EST

On Tue, 2004-04-20 at 09:28, Andrey Ulanov wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm trying to use Intel Wireless 2100 adapter on my centrino based
> notebook. I use ipw2100 drivers from The thing is that
> hardware says that the device should generate irq11, but it really
> generates irq5. I tryed both 2.4.26 and 2.6.5. I also tryed to compile
> kernel with and without ACPI. I tryed to compile kernel with and
> without APIC support. I also tryed to pass some parameters to kernel
> (acpi=off, acpi=force, pci=biosirq). But anyway kernel says irq 11 and
> device generates irq5. Of course it is possible to be hardware
> problem, but it works under windows.
> Any suggestions?

> Linux version 2.4.22-1.2174.nptl.asp (root@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) (gcc
> version 3.3.2 20031022 (ASPLinux 3.3.2-1)) #20 Tue Apr 20 07:00:48 MSD
> 2004

> ACPI: Subsystem revision 20031002

Please try a newer kernel, such as 2.4.26, or 2.6.5
and let me know if you still have a problem there.


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