Re: The missing RAID level

From: Eric D. Mudama
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 16:06:05 EST

On Tue, Apr 20 at 19:50, Hubert Tonneau wrote:
Assuming that I want to do long term archiving (many many gigabytes of datas,
but tiny load) on disks, the cheapest and easiest solution nowdays seems to
connect large 300 GB IDE disks through USB 2 to a comodity PC.

Now the problem is how to best recover from some disks failure ?

Can you give a bit more detail? How much data is there? "many many"
gigabytes can mean a lot. You say you use DVDs for recovery, but at
~5GB/DVD, that's a LOT of DVDs to store a 5 drive array, especially
since you're talking about 300GB IDE drives.

Can you just use RAID0 then on your backup interval, break the mirror
and store the mirror in the closet, replacing that half of the mirror
with fresh drives?

In theory SATA will support hotplugging and already supports long
cables, so that might be a better solution than external USB


Eric D. Mudama

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