Re: two lockups with 2.4.25

From: Oleg Drokin
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 10:12:56 EST

Chris Stromsoe <cbs@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
CS> Pid: 26885, comm: sophie
>>>EIP; c0110ed7 <flush_tlb_others+9b/bc> <=====
>>>EDX; 01000000 Before first symbol
>>>ESI; f4762cc0 <_end+343c85cc/3896e90c>
>>>EDI; 081a1d28 Before first symbol
>>>EBP; e806fe94 <_end+27cd57a0/3896e90c>
CS> Trace; c011100f <flush_tlb_page+6f/7c>
CS> Trace; c01259b7 <do_wp_page+223/284>
CS> Trace; c01260de <handle_mm_fault+82/b8>
CS> Trace; c01132f9 <do_page_fault+1a1/4ed>
CS> Trace; c0113158 <do_page_fault+0/4ed>
CS> Trace; c0224ce1 <__kfree_skb+129/134>
CS> Trace; c01145e3 <schedule+45b/520>
CS> Trace; c0106fc4 <error_code+34/3c>

This backtrace is suspiciously similar to a backtrace from NMI WD I had not so
long ago. Also on 2.5.25
Are your boxes SMP?

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