RE: [RFC] kbuild: Documentation - how to build external modules

From: Peter Kjellerstedt
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 05:48:15 EST

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> To: Peter Kjellerstedt
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> Subject: Re: [RFC] kbuild: Documentation - how to build
> external modules
> >What about external modules that need to be configured
> >using make config & co? Is that possible with this system?
> No, this is not possible for now.
> I have thought about a few ways of doing this.
> What I plan to look at is something where the local Kconfig
> file is read along with the .config for the kernel.
> The user will then anly be allowed to tweak config symbols
> defined for the external module, the kernel paramerets are not
> visible, and cannot be modified.

This sounds like what I was looking for.

> But this requires some kconfig tweaking, and first priority is
> to get the basic funtionality working so all (most) people
> are happy with it.

Well, we are still using 2.4, so it is no problem for us yet.
Better get the basics working first. :)

> If anyone has better ideas for handling Kconfig files for external
> modules please tell so.
> Sam

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