No luck getting 2.6.x kernel to work with ACPI on compaq laptop

From: Danny ter Haar
Date: Wed Apr 21 2004 - 00:53:07 EST

My Compaq presario 700EA locks up dead during boot with
ACPI enabled. With bootoption acpi=off (or not compiled into the kernel)
the machine works just fine.

I put on acpi debug and typed over by hand (laptop's dont have serial
ports these days anymore) :

ACPI: Subsystem revision 20040326
tbxface-0017[03] acpi_load_tables: ACPI tables succesfully acquired
Parsing all Control Methods: [......]
Table [DSDT] (id F005) - 433 Objects with 44 Devices 109 Methods 15
Parsing all Control Methods:
Table [SSDT] (id f003) - 3 objects with 0 Devices 0 Methods 0 Regions
ACPI: IRQ10 SCI: Edge set to level trigger

After this the machine is dead in the water.
No magic sysrq or anything.

Any ideas how to solve this issue ?
I googled around a bit but found nothing usefull.
I upgraded bios to latest available from compaq, with no different

Help/suggestions appreciated.

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