Re: matching "Cset exclude" changelog entries to the changelog entries they revert.

From: Chris Wright
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 19:43:46 EST

* Zack Brown (zbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 05:26:22PM -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
> > * Zack Brown (zbrown@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > > for instance, "Cset exclude: davej@xxxxxxx|ChangeSet|20020403195622" is in
> > > 2.5.8-pre2, as the full text of the changelog entry.
> >
> > bk prs -r"davej@xxxxxxx|ChangeSet|20020403195622" -hnd:REV: ChangeSet
> >
> > That will give you the rev from that key in the Cset exclude message.
> Will this give me the text of the changelog entry being reverted? That's
> what I need to find.

This would give you a revision nubmer like: 1.369.104.61. So you could
then do bk changes -r1.369.104.61 to see the changelog entry.

> Also, I'm not allowed to license BK. Is there some other way?

Ugh. I can't think of any, unless the bk->cvs gateway puts the
ChangeSet Key (the davej@xxxxxxx|ChangeSet|20020403195622 bit) in the
cvs changelog message somewhere.

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