Re: System hang with ATI's lousy driver

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 17:13:39 EST

Thanks for responding.

Joel Jaeggli wrote:

kernel drm + xfree86 driver will actually provide accelerated opengl support in Xwindows albiet without quite as many hardware features as the proprietary driver on all the rv2xx chipsets including the 9000 but not on the later models.

Well, maybe I should go back and try to get Mesa to work. I don't need a lot of acceleration. It's just that when I was using the Mesa driver, the OpenGL rendering would flash wildly, the colors would be all wrong, and the Z buffering was totally messed up, messing up the layering of objects, etc. I didn't have this problem with RH9, but with Gentoo, it's completely broken. Of course, I probably flubbed a step in the installation (that seems to be a 'feature' of Gentoo, although I really like Gentoo).

kernel drm & radeonfb have been reported to not play very well with each other in other venues. vesafb is known to work in this situation though.

Maybe that's what I should use. The 2.6 radeonfb doesn't seem to accelerate scrolling right yet anyhow, so what do I care? :)


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