Re: System hang with ATI's lousy driver

From: Timothy Miller
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 14:08:43 EST

Joel Jaeggli wrote:
On Tue, 20 Apr 2004, Timothy Miller wrote:

So, since XFree86's lousy open-source Radeon driver won't do OpenGL right, I am forced to use ATI's lousy proprietary Radeon driver. With that, I can do OpenGL right, but when I exit the X server, the system hangs completely. I get lots of vertical lines on the screen, but I can't even ping the computer.

you didn't specify which ati card?

Sorry. Radeon 9000 Pro.

Does anyone know of any conflict between using ATI's X11 driver and the Radeon console driver at the same time?

I'm using kernel gentoo-2.4.25.

I'm getting really sick of not being able to get new graphics cards to just work properly under Linux.


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