Re: Sensors (W83627HF) in Tyan S2882

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 09:37:46 EST

Hi Jan,

> Yes, I had CONFIG_SENSORS_W83781D=y. I have recompiled with
> CONFIG_SENSORS_W83627HF=y and without CONFIG_SENSORS_W83781D, but the
> new kernel still can see only three fans.

I think you need to include the w83627hf driver (for the Winbond
W83627HF chip) and the lm85 driver (for the Analog Devices ADM1027
chip). Don't forget to include the i2c-amd756 and i2c-amd8111 drivers
as well, since the ADM1027 chip has to be connected to either of these

Hope that helps.

Jean Delvare

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