Re: elevator=as, or actually gpm doesn't get time from scheduler???

From: Nick Piggin
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 19:14:25 EST

Antti Lankila wrote:

My X reads gpmdata, so perhaps that's the problem? I now undercut gpm in
order to examine the situation, and my system behaves _perfectly_ as far as
I can see. The mouse issues are all gone. (gpm is still running in the
background, X just reads psaux directly. As I have understood, this is
possible in 2.6 while in 2.4 it caused a problem for multiple readers.)

I progress from now by removing gpm on all my systems. There's still the
issue what gpm (or maybe kernel's scheduler) is doing wrong, I suppose.
Nevertheless, gpm is virtually useless for me and has so far caused far more
grief than its utility has ever been worth.

I'm sorry for having wasted your time with this.

Not at all, thank you for reporting the problem.

It seems the CPU scheduler is a bit fragile when there
are a number of interrelated processes. Note: I don't
know whether my scheduler fixes this case or not, it might
just be a difficult problem.
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