Re: Automount/NFS issues causing executables to appear corrupted

From: Venkata Ravella
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 19:10:24 EST

autofs version is autofs-3.1.7-21

I also have one new update. We started seeing similar problem on
the system running the kernel 2.4.18-e.12smp which has the same
version(3.1.7-21) of autofs as well.

This may or may not be an autofs problem but, restarting autofs
fixes this problem temporarily.

>Please cc autofs questions to the list at autofs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>On Sun, 18 Apr 2004, Venkata Ravella wrote:
>> The current kernel we use is default 7.2 kernel with two modifications:
>> 1) BM patch applied to extend address space for a single process to 3.6GB
>> 2) mnt patch applied to allow upto 1024 nfs mount points
>> uname -r output:
>> 2.4.7-10mntBMsmp
>What autofs version?
>To be honest it's a bit hard to see how this is an autofs issue.
>Mind, having said that, ....

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