[ANNOUNCE] linux-libc-headers

From: Mariusz Mazur
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 16:18:16 EST

Available at http://ep09.pld-linux.org/~mmazur/linux-libc-headers/
- updated to 2.6.5 kernel
- numerous fixes all over the place (most notably lvm2 and ax25-tools will
build out of the box; some other stuff too)
- more docs added

FAQ file follows (I strongly advise all users and vendors to read it):

Q: I've heard that these headers are for PLD Linux Distribution only?
A: It's true that linux-libc-headers where started to get 2.6 kernel based
PLD version working, but they are, and always will be, vanilla kernel
compatible. The first three digits of llh's version tag correspond to
the version of linux kernel of which abi is exported (keep in mind
there are lots of 2.4 kernel compatibilities included). Any PLD (or any
other distro for that matter) specific changes are kept away from the
main tree. So no need to worry (and try not to call them 'pld headers').

Q: Compilation of $INSERTYOURAPP failed after inclusion of linux/config.h
A: The llh package is distribution and kernel configuration agnostic. In an
ideal world all applications would have runtime detection of what kernel
does and doesn't support. Unfortunately applications don't do that and in
some specific situations it's advisable to link your current kernel's
config file to replace linux/config.h. That error message is there to
force users to be aware of this situation. Distribution vendors will most
likely want to remove it.

Q: When compiling $INSERTYOURAPP I got an error message saying I shouldn't
be including kernel only files.
A: The llh package is for providing userland interfaces. It doesn't contain
internal kernel definitions. If you get such an error you most likely need
to fix your app either not to include offending files or to search for
headers inside kernel sources.
If you believe your sources are correct mail the maintainer (check AUTHORS
file for his address) to clear the matter up.

Q: I try to compile $INSERTYOURAPP but some headers were missing/wouldn't
parse/any other reason resulting in errors. What now?
A: Email the maintainer. Never assume something is broken because the
maintainer wanted it that way. These headers are still *full* of possible
errors and that won't change without user feedback.


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