Re: build system broken in 2.6.6rc1 for external modules?

From: Arkadiusz Miskiewicz
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 16:09:17 EST

Dnia Monday 19 of April 2004 22:58, Sam Ravnborg napisał:

> There is currently a glitch that requires you to have defined
> at least one module in the kernel. net/dummy for example.
> When next round of patched are in you will not need to build the full
> kernel either.
Great but with 2.6.5 kernel (2.6.4, too. previous probably too) I was able to
build modules without need to build the full kernel.

> If you do not want (cannot) build the kernel in the $KERNELSRCDIR
> then you can use:
> copy config-up ~/build
> make O=~/build
This will start building kernel for me! I don't want that. I want only few
external modules to be built.

I'll wait for ,,next round of patches'' anyway.

> make -C KERNELSRCDIR O=~/build M=$PWD
make -C KERNELSRCDIR O=~/build M=$PWD modules ?

> Hope this clarifies it.
> Sam

Would be nice if that ended in Documentation/modules.txt for example.

Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz CS at FoE, Wroclaw University of Technology, 1024/3DB19BBD, JID:, PLD/Linux
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