Re: [BUG] in 2.6.5 at msr.c and cpuid.c

From: H. Peter Anvin
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 15:43:47 EST

Bjoern Schmidt wrote:
> Hello H. Peter,
> sorry for mailing to you directly, but sending this bugreport
> to linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx failed and i don't know why...
> The server was at an uptime of ~8 days until this bug appeared.
> At 15:33 the smbd was killed by Signal 7.

Why is your smbd touching /dev/cpu/*/msr? Something is very odd about
that... assuming you're not exporting /dev through Samba I would guess
this is a preemption bug.

Could you please send me a) your and b) your kernel

Could you also try disabling preemption and see if that helps?


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