Re: KVM issues with recent 2.6 kernels

From: Jurriaan
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 13:14:32 EST

From: Ken Moffat <ken@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, Apr 19, 2004 at 12:36:30PM +0100
> Hi,
> I'm seeing some oddities on two 2.6 boxes here. I use a Belkin Omni
> 4-way PS/2 KVM switch. It has a "hot key" to switch boxes (scroll-lock
> twice, then number 1-4). This has always been a little problematic on
> 2.4 (you have to get the timing of the key presses right, worst case
> when you get to the session either the number has been treated as input,
> or the display has scroll-lock turned on), but usable.

I have a 4 port Vista KVM from Rose Electronics, where hot key is a
single left control. That doesn't interfere as much.

I'm running 2.6.x on 2 machines, windows XP on a third.

> The duron is now being used to do things in xterms. From time to time
> the alt key stops being recognised (no alt-tab to switch windows, no
> ctrl-alt-n to switch desktops). And then after again switching machines
> it suddenly starts working properly again.
> Any suggestions on where to look, or which parts of my .config would be
> relevant ?
Does your KVM also have keys on the kvm to switch? If so, does the
problem go away if you use those?

Otherwise, perhaps hack drivers/input/keyboard/atkbd.c (dunno if that is
the correct path) to log when a scroll-lock is received) and then throw
away that keypress?

Good luck,
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