Re: 2.4.26 IRDA BUG - blocker

From: Jean Tourrilhes
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 13:00:02 EST

Michal Semler wrote :
> Hi,
> I have in my laptop this irda port:
> IrCOMM protocol (Dag Brattli)
> nsc-ircc, Found chip at base=0x02e
> nsc-ircc, driver loaded (Dag Brattli)
> IrDA: Registered device irda0
> modules.conf:
> alias irda0 nsc-ircc
> options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x08
> When I try connect with 2.4.26 kernel to T68i
> I getts this message and then port freezes - no devices discovered and no
> communication, sometimes freezes whole laptop:
> irlap_adjust_qos_settings(), Detected buggy peer, adjust mtt to 10us!
> IrLAP, no activity on link!
> IrLAP, no activity on link!
> IrLAP, no activity on link!
> IrLAP, no activity on link!

My web page document those kind of problems, how to configure
nsc-ircc, and how to report bug properly. Have you read it ?
Note that I've just answered a similar question a couple of
days ago on the IrDA mailing list.

> previous versions were OK

There was no IrDA changes from 2.4.25 to 2.4.26.

> 2.4.26-vanilla
> debian woody with bunk2 debs
> Thanks a lot
> Michal

Daniele Venzano wrote :
> I'm seeing this same behaviour with a Nokia 6610, same modules, same
> messages, but kernel 2.6.5.
> I also noted that with irdaping I loose one ping every 2, so that
> sequence numbers follow the following pattern:
> 1
> 2
> 4
> 5
> 7
> 8

Same story, please read my web page on how to report bugs. And
I bet the problem is the same.


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