Re: [PATCH] tg3 driver - make use of binary-only firmware optional

From: Andreas Jochens
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 10:43:16 EST

On 04-Apr-19 10:58, Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> Is there any reason for not using the hotplug firmware infrastructure?

I had the hotplug mechanism in mind when I moved the three firmware
images from tg3.c to three separate firmware files in my first patch.
I thought of this as a first step which could be followed by
converting the driver to use the hotplug firmware
infrastructure and moving the firmware images to user space.

However, since a patch putting the firmware in separate files doesn't
seem to be welcome, I doubt that a conversion to use the hotplug
mechanism will be accepted because this would separate the firmware
and the driver even more.

In any case, making the use of the firmware optional by introducing
CONFIG_TIGON3_FIRMWARE seems to make sense. A later conversion to the
hotplug firmware mechanism will always be possible.

Andreas Jochens
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