Re: Question on forcing cache data to write out

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 03:15:48 EST

Phy Prabab <phyprabab@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Sirs,
> I am interested in understanding how tot tune the 2.6
> kernel such that I can get the WM to write out data
> that is held within the "cache".
> My situtation is that I have a NFS file server that
> gets data in bursts. The first couple of burst move
> quickly, but once the system memory becomes filled,
> mostly held in "cache", then my NFS performance drops.
> The issue here is how to get the VM to write out the
> data held within the cache when times are slow (which
> amounts to 90% of the time)? I have played a little
> bit with the /proc/sys/vm/dirty_ratio, etc with out
> much help.

Setting dirty_background_ratio lower might smooth things out.
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