lvcreate -- ERROR "Cannot allocate memory" creating VGDA

From: Shesha Sreenivasamurthy
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 23:49:19 EST

Hi All,
I am trying the following "lvcreate" command and I am hit an error. I googled for this error, and I can see it being listed in lotz of places, but without any solution or workaround.

RH-Linux 2.4.26
1GB memory.

But the same command works fine, if I have only 512 MB RAM. Any help is highly appreciated.


[root@mc26300a root]# lvcreate -s -l 4306 -n stest /dev/VG_H41/LV_H41
lvcreate -- WARNING: the snapshot will be automatically disabled once it gets full
lvcreate -- INFO: using default snapshot chunk size of 64 KB for "/dev/VG_H41/ste1"
lvcreate -- ERROR "Cannot allocate memory" creating VGDA for "/dev/VG_H41/ste1" in kernel

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