Re: CPU Hotplug broken -mm5 onwards

From: Nick Piggin
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 22:37:32 EST

Srivatsa Vaddagiri wrote:
I found that I can't boot with CONFIG_HOTPLUG_CPU defined in both
mm5 and mm6. Debugging this revealed it to be because exec path can now require cpu hotplug sem (sched_migrate_task) and this has lead to a deadlock between flush_workqueue and __call_usermodehelper.

flush_workqueue takes cpu hotplug sem and blocks until workqueue is flushed.
__call_usermodehelper, one of the queued work function, blocks because it
also needs cpu hotplug sem during exec. As of result of this, exec does not progress and system does not boot.

I feel we can fix this by converting cpucontrol to a reader-writer semaphore or big-reader-lock(?). One problem with reader-writer semaphore is there does not
seem to be any down_write_interruptible, which is needed by cpu_down/up.


You are right, but it wasn't introduced in -mm or sched-domains
patches. However, one of Ingo's recent patches does balance on
exec for SMP, not just NUMA so it will make this more common.

So, Rusty has to fix it ;)

I think a rwsem might be a good idea anyway, because
sched_migrate_task can end up being called pretty often with
balance on exec and balance on clone. The semaphore could easily
place undue serialisation on that path.

BTW, I think a cpu_is_offline check is needed in sched_migrate_task, since
dest_cpu could have been downed by the time it has acquired the semaphore. In which case, we could end up adding the task to dead cpu's runqueue?
An alternate solution would be to put the same check in __migrate_task.

Yes you are correct.

Can we arrange some of these checks to disappear when HOTPLUG_CPU
is not set? For example, make cpu_is_offline only valid to call for
CPUs that have been online sometime, and can evaluate to 0 if
HOTPLUG_CPU is not set?
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