Re: Process Creation Speed

From: Jamie Lokier
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 19:32:22 EST

Eric wrote:
> > It matters to me because the Common Gateway Interface spawns and destroys a
> > process to handle each request, and I wish it were just fast, rather than
> > having to use FastCGI.
> The difference in speed between regular and FastCGI shouldnt
> be related to process creation time. The speed up you see from
> FastCGI is because it doesn't have to be read from disk each
> time. So, you're really looking for performace enhancements in the
> wrong place. Tweaking process creation can't make your platters spin
> faster.

Wrong explanation. CGI does not "read from disk each time". Files,
including executables, are cached in RAM. Platter speed is irrelevant
unless your server is overloaded, which this one plainly isn't.

-- Jamie
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