Re: reiser4 and megaraid problems with debian 2.6.5 (*solved*)

From: Paul Wagland
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 17:39:03 EST

Hi all,

well partly solved anyway... I am just posting this so that if anyone
finds this thread later they can also find this conclusion... There is
still more work to be done before this problem can be properly closed,
but at least now I am certain that it has nothing to do with the
hardware :-)

It appears (my own unsupported theory) that the problem is that reiser4
is taking some time to free up the free blocks that are currently in use
by the wandering log. Since I was running a test that causes a lot of
wandering log to be created, and I was doing it on a filesystem with
very little free space, then I was running into the problem.

Rerunning the test with either a) more space, or b) a smaller data set
solved the problem. On the reiserfs-list we are now trying to find out
exactly why this is happening, and how to solve the problem properly.


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