Re: 2.6.5 Sensors & USB problems

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Sun Apr 18 2004 - 00:34:28 EST

> > > 2.6.5-rc1 -> sensors broke (ERROR: Can't get <sensor> data!)
> >
> > Your sensors problem will be resolved as soon as you switch to the
> > just released lm_sensors 2.8.6.
> I use the same w83781d and i2c_i801 drivers on my Asus P4PE box, and
> they too went belly up with 2.6.5. However, I HAVE tried lm_sensors
> 2.8.6 and that made no difference. They're just user-space tools that
> don't touch the kernel any more in 2.6.x (right?).
> The problem I am seeing now in 2.6.5 is that after loading the w83781d
> module, nothing shows up in /sys or /proc, as though the module had
> not loaded but lsmod says it is loaded.
> In 2.6.4, my sensors showed up hare:
> /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.3/i2c-0/0-002d/* (w83781d)
> /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.3/i2c-1/1-0050/* (eeprom)
> Now in 2.6.5, with both eeprom and w83781d modules loaded, I only get
> the eeprom, and the w83781d is nowhere to be found:
> /sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1f.3/i2c-1/1-0050/* (eeprom)

This is a different problem, and I agree that upgrading user-space tools
couldn't help in you case. Ben had his chip correctly detected but the
interface exported by the kernel was not known to the (not up-to-date)
user-space tools. In you case this is the kernel driver not supporting
your hardware anymore, that's different.

See my answer to your second post for details about your case.

Jean Delvare
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