local interrupt disabling

From: Fabiano Ramos
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 19:14:18 EST

Hi all.

I am doing some work on 2.4 to count the number of instructions
executed for a given syscall.I set the trap bit on eflags at the syscall
entry, causing a trap for each instruction executed until the iret at
return_from_syscall. At the debug handler, I increment my counter.
I know that the syscall code cannot be preempted by another
exeception handler, only by interrupts or page faults it causes.
I want to track the page faults, no problem, but I wouldn't like
the syscall to be interrupted by a mouse interrupt, for examnple.
Local interrupt disabling while servicing the syscall would solve
my problem, or would it create other problems?


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