IMHO the usability of 2.6

From: Mario Vanoni
Date: Sat Apr 17 2004 - 13:55:04 EST

Tested 2.6.1[-mm#] and 2.6.5[-aa#]:
inexplicables crashes, mouse, NFS etc.,
on 2-3 of our 8 Linux machines (0.1-6 years old),
not usable for production, need five 9 (99.999).
I don't have logs, always switched back to 2.4.25.

Starting with AT&T UNIX SVR2 (1986, rock solid),
later Linux 2.0, then 2.2, then 2.4,
2.4.17 was the 1st veritable stable 2.4 kernel.
2.4.25 had an uptime >=33 days before changing
all machines to 2.4.26. Stable since 1-3 days.

Feedback only and
kind regards

Mario Vanoni, _not_ in lkml!

PS The standalone 9th M$ machine at job,
boot each morning,
some days needs 1-3 reboots on the same day.
From the view point five 9 a piece of jewellery.

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