Re: POSIX message queues, libmqueue: mq_open, mq_unlink

From: Chris Wright
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 18:58:56 EST

* Alex Riesen (fork0@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> Chris Wright, Sat, Apr 17, 2004 00:22:17 +0200:
> > The kernel interface is simple and clean. And in fact, requires no
> > slashes else you'll get -EACCES. It's not POSIX, but the library
> > interface is.
> >
> > We just discussed this yesterday:
> >
> >
> now, what's is the check in the library for? BTW, it is returning the
> other error code (EINVAL instead of EACCES), just on top of all the
> confusion with slashes.

EINVAL in the library, sure. EACCES is if you directly use the kernel
interface and pass it a name with any slashes in it. The two interfaces
(library and kernel) aren't required to be identical. Kernel is kept
simplest w/ no slashes, library provides POSIX compliance.

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