Re: [PATCH] sym53c500_cs PCMCIA SCSI driver (new)

From: P. Christeas
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 17:48:52 EST

Its me!
I'm the second person in our solar system that has such a card!
I do have the New Media *Basics SCSI* card! I remember back in the kernel 2.2
days that I had found that code, hacked it and used it.. Since then, I hadn't
tried to use it again. Actually, I lost (hd failure) the system together with
the patch I had for that code..
Anyway, I believe that support for such hw is another Linux success story and
reserves a sticker at major distros saying "Linux: Supports all hardware;
even New Media's SCSI cards!".

I cleanly compiled and run your module. Looks OK. I haven't yet attached any
peripheral, though. It's of no use to me, but I will be glad to help you by
testing that code (w. devices as well).
Thanks for resurrecting the dead!
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