RE: [ANNOUNCE][RELEASE]: megaraid unified driver version 2.20.0.B1

From: Mukker, Atul
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 14:14:16 EST

> kdep.h:
> - mraid_scsi_host_alloc/mraid_scsi_host_dealloc should go away, just
> define scsi_host_alloc/scsi_host_put wrappers for 2.4.
> - mraid_scsi_set_pdev should go away, it's not needed in 2.6 at all
> because scsi_add_host does all the work and for 2.4 just use
> scsi_set_pci_device directly.
> - all the SCP2FOO defines should go away, the 2.6 variants
> work for 2.4
> aswell
> - mraid_set_host_lock should go, just use scsi_assign_lock and define
> it for 2.4.
All of these taken and will be incorporated in B3, but not in B2 going out

> megaraid_clib.c:
> - why do you need the scb pool managment code at all? You
> can dynamically
> allocate scbs in ->queuecommand
Will do. Please see the follow up question below

> - can you explain the need for all the mraid_pci_blk_pool?
> I.e. why the
> generic dma pool routines don't work for megaraid
We did not want to use pci_alloc_consistent because it would give one page
even if we need 16 bytes (and we need a lot of these). Also, the
pci_poo_create and pci_pool_alloc would fail on some setups - maybe because
the driver requires lots of small chunks of DMAable buffers. So we decided
to write wrapper functions over pci_alloc_consistent..

> all files:
> - please avoid using scsi.h and hosts.h from drivers/scsi
> in favour of
> the include/scsi/ headers, especially get rid of all the Scsi_Foo
> typedefs
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