Re: [PATCH] reiserfs v3 fixes and features

From: Chris Mason
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 13:57:15 EST

Hello all,

I've uploaded some new code to:

Only reiserfs-group-alloc-9 has changed.

preallocation now enforces minimum allocations too, which cuts down on
fragmentation when applications send small writes.

The mount options are slightly different. mount -o packing_groups
changed to mount -o alloc=packing_groups. This makes the new options
more consistent and easier to control via remount and such.

More importantly, the default has changed too. Once you apply
reiserfs-group-alloc-9, the default is:

mount -o alloc=skip_busy:dirid_groups:packing_groups

If you want the old default:

mount -o alloc=skip_busy

Both reiserfs-group-alloc-9 and reiserfs-search-reada-5 should be stable
now, at least I haven't been able to trigger problems with them in -suse
or -mm.


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