[CHECKER][COVERITY] Announcing Coverity's Linux bugs database

From: Andy Chou
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 13:37:31 EST

As a service to the Linux community, Coverity is providing an online database of hundreds of bugs in the Linux kernel at:


These bugs were found by Coverity's static code analysis tool, which was based on our research on Metacompilation at Stanford University (previously known as the "Stanford Checker"). These bugs were found without running the code or writing any test cases.

Free registration is required to access the database.

The Linuxbugs database is read-only for the general public. If you want write-access in order to change the status of bugs or add comments, please contact linux@xxxxxxxxxxxx with the email address(es) you wish to add write access to.

We would love to hear your feedback at linux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx Learn more about Coverity at http://www.coverity.com.

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