Re: [PATCH] call_usermodehelper hang

From: Brian King
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 12:58:16 EST

I applied and tested the new patches in the mm tree and it works fine
for me.



Andrew Morton wrote:
Brian King <brking@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ok, you've convinced me of the mess that would cause. So what should we

>> do to help fix this? Serialize call_usermodehelper()?
> > > May as well bring back call_usermodehelper_async() I guess.
> > > There are two patches here, and they are totally untested...

I loaded the patches on my ppc64 box and they worked fine after I fixed a compile
bug. The attached patch fixes the compile bug and changes the call_usermodehelper
call in kset_hotplug to call_usermodehelper_async.

yup, thanks. I've changed the patch in my tree so that we always perform
the fully-async operation if call_usermodehelper() is passed "wait=0". It
gets the new code some more testing and keeps the kernel API simpler.

Brian King
eServer Storage I/O
IBM Linux Technology Center

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