DBT3-pgsql large performance improvement 2.6.6-rc1

From: Mary Edie Meredith
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 12:02:24 EST

Performance in DBT-3 (using PostgreSQL) has vastly
improved for _both in the "power" portion (single
process/query) and in the "throughput" portion of
the test (when the test is running multiple processes)
on our 4-way(4GB) and 8-way(8GB) STP systems as
compared 2.6.5 kernel results.

Using the default DBT-3 options (ie using LVM, ext2,
PostgreSQL version 7.4.1)

Note: Bigger numbers are better.

Kernel....Runid..CPUs.Power..%incP.Thruput %incT
2.6.5 291308 4 97.08 base 120.46 base
2.6.6-rc1 291876 4 146.11 50.5% 222.94 85.1%

Kernel....Runid..CPUs.Power..%incP..Thruput %incT
2.6.5 291346 8 101.08 base 138.95 base
2.6.6-rc1 291915 8 151.69 50.1% 273.69 97.0%

So the improvement is between 50% and 97%!

Profile 2.6.5 8way throughput phase:
Profile 2.6.6-r1 8way throughput phase:

What I notice is that radix_tree_lookup is in
the top 20 in the 2.6.5 profile, but not in
2.6.6-rc1. Could theradix tree changes be
responsible for this?

DBT-3 is a read mostly DSS workload and the throughput
phase is where we run multiple query streams (as
many as we have CPUs). In this workload, the database
is stored on a file system, but it is small relative
to the amount of memory (4GB and 8GB). It almost
completely caches in page cache early on. So there
is some physical IO in the first few minutes, but very
little to none in the remainder.

Mary Edie Meredith
503-626-2455 x42
Open Source Development Labs

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