Re: [PATCH] sym53c500_cs PCMCIA SCSI driver (new)

From: Bob Tracy
Date: Fri Apr 16 2004 - 09:18:25 EST

Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> I've given it a short spin and here's a bunch of comments:

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to review it.

> - the split into three source files is supserflous, one file should do it

Given that the driver currently supports only PCMCIA implementations,
I agree. My thinking was if someone comes up with a host adapter that
isn't PCMCIA, the SYM53C500.c file is to the sym53c500_cs driver what
the qlogicfas.c file is to the qlogic_cs driver, that is, core functions
that could support multiple types of host adapters. The logic to
handle the different types of adapters isn't there, and I don't know
that it ever will be (else, it's probable that someone would have
written the Linux driver long before now). However, after baring my
ignorance to the world and saying I was unaware of non-PCMCIA
implementations, I found a FreeBSD driver for the NCR 53c500. Never
say "never," I guess... Your opinion counts for much, but you're the
only person I've heard from. Is there a consensus I should forget
about the non-PCMCIA cases?

> - please don't use host.h or scsi.h from drivers/scsi/. The defintions
> not present in include/scsi/ are deprecated and shall not be used (the
> most prominent example in your driver are the Scsi_<Foo> typedefs that
> have been replaced by struct scsi_foo

I caught that in the coding style guidelines (and in the mentioned
include files), and will fix for the next submission.

> - the driver doesn't even try to deal with multiple HBAs

Guilty as charged. Functionally, there's nothing in the driver I
submitted that wasn't in the original. Suggestions welcome... Which
of the existing PCMCIA SCSI drivers do a proper job of handling
multiple host adapters in your opinion? I'll try to adapt that code to
fit this driver. If I have to "roll my own" from scratch, I'm probably
in over my head.

> - your detection logic could be streamlined a little, e.g. the request/release
> resource mess

I'll see what I can do.

Although I touched on it above, by way of apology/explanation, the goal
for the initial port was to replicate the functionality I already had in
older kernel versions. It appears I faithfully replicated the
deficiencies of the old driver as well :-). Again, thank you for the

Anyone else have input before I act on the recommendations I've been
given? Unless I hear otherwise, I'll start work on the code
consolidation and removal of dependencies on deprecated include files.
The detection logic and handling multiple HBAs will take a bit more

Bob Tracy WTO + WIPO = DMCA?
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